Shared Drives

Create a new shared drive and grant access for WebPal users. This folder will appear as a drive in the user's account.

webpal cloud server, shared drive, admin tools


Adding a Shared Drive

  1. To create a new shared drive, select the "Add" button in shared drives.
  2. The "Create a Shared Drive" window will appear as seen below. 

    webpal cloud server, create a shared drive, admin functions
  3. Select the root folder that you would like to create the shared drive in.
  4. Assign a name to the shared drive.
  5. Add permission levels by selecting the checkbox next to the permission. The minimum permission will be to view and download documents.
  6. Select users to share the drive with from the list or search by username.
  7. Click "Create Drive" and your folder will now appear in the users docs.