Git Integration


WebPal Cloud Server uses Git to allow professional collaboration on web applications. This means that your sites, extensions, and custom nodes can be stored on github or other git servers.

This allows your team to work on multiple cloned copies of a web application or web site, and merge their changes via a central repository, such as github, or a gitlab server.


Example: As an example, you may have a group of content editors work on the primary copy of the web site to publish day-to-day content updates, while a second team works towards a new feature launch.

In Git terms, team A uses the master branch fir daily content updates, while team B works on a development branch, frequently merging changes on the master branch into the development branch, until a final merge back into the master branch for the launch.


A second advantage of Git integration is the ability easily pull functionality extensions from externally available repositories into your project. Once updates to these public extensions become available, these can easily be merged into your application with a simple pull command.

The Palomino Repositories

You can find a few of these public repositories in our github account at: