Understanding WebPal Sites

WebPal Sites allows you to manage websites and web portals in a similar fashion to other content management systems. WebPal offers powerful content functionality right from the start through our various list of extensions (or commonly referred to as "widgets" or "plugins"). 


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The Document Tree

WebPal sites is structured in a hierarchical manner using a document tree. At the highest level you have a chapter called "thecontent", which contains all of your content. Each of the folders under the content are corresponding to pages in your website. Within these folders, there can be inner pages.

Each of the pages have a name and shorttitle:

  • name (which is found under attributes, on the panel to the right) is the name of the page while navigating through the website. For instance, the "About Us" chapter for which you have given the title "about" can be found here: http://www.mydomain.com/about
  • shorttitle - is the title of the page visible in the navigation. From the example above, the shorttitle would be "About Us"



Each page has a few choices under attributes:

  • design: choose the design that applies to the page.
  • show-in-menu: yes/no based on if you want a page displayed in the navigation bar
  • index: should this page/content be indexed by a search engine such as Google



Every page has a content area which you have full control over.  For more information on editing your content, see our editing content section.



There are a number of extensions that WebPal offers. See how to install extensions here. For access to our public repository list, subscribe to our GitHub. To add a new feature to your website or application that is not listed in our repository, contact us for more information. 



Under the 'common' page you are able to edit logo and footer content which appear on all pages. This page is hidden from navigation. 



These are your creative designs that each of your pages are linked to from the attributes.