Inserting Images

To insert an image to your webpage, begin by opening the HTML node within the chapter you would like to add your image to. Click the "insert image" button and the below window will open.

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There are three options available to insert images:

Option 1: Upload from computer

  1. Select the file from your computer and click the "insert image" button. 

Option 2: External URL

  1. Insert the URL from the image address within an external website and select "Submit".
    NOTE: If you do not have the external URL, simply right click on the image and select "copy image address".
  2. If a successful link has been entered, the "Submit" button will turn green and read "Success". If the link address cannot be read, the button will state to "Try Again"

Option 3: Browse and find in the Document Manager

  1. If you have already uploaded your image to WebPal Docs, browse the image from the folder it is located in.
  2. Alternatively, you can search by the file name within each folder.


Image Properties

Once your image has been inserted, set the image title, alt text, size, and alignment under "Properties". 

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To edit an image that is already inserted or replace the image:

  1. Right click on the image > Image properties. Edit the properties, or follow the above steps to replace the image.
  2. Alternatively, double click on the image and edit or update accordingly. 


Insert Video:

Copy and paste URL or embed code from YouTube or Vimeo and set properties as required.