Viewing and Downloading

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Viewing Files and Folders

Files are stored in a standard folder structure located on the left hand side of the screen. Folders and their contents can be accessed in two different ways:

  1. Clicking on the folder will give you the contents of that folder in a detailed listings view to the right of the folder tree. Clicking on the triangle located next to the folder will open that folder to display its sub-folders, but will not change the detailed listings view.
  2. Simply double click the folder or select the file from the main docs window. 

NOTE: To view the files and folders as preview thumbnails, select the "Toggle File View" icon with the three bullet points. 

To view files, in addition to double clicking the file you would like to view, you can also view it by:

  1. Select the file, right click and click "View".
  2. Select the file and click the "View" button in the preview window on the right. 

The file you have selected will then open in a new tab within your browser.


Downloading Files and Folders

To download files and folders follow these steps below:  

  1. Using the "Folders" pane on the left, or in the main docs window, browse to the folder that contains the files and/or folders you want to download.
  2. To download a single file, click the downward arrow icon in the action bar, which will prompt you to download the file to your local computer. Alternatively, you can click the download button in the preview window to the right.
  3. ​To download multiple files, hold the shift or ctrl button and select each file you wish to download. Once you've selected all of the files you would like to download, select the "download" icon in the action bar or the download button in the preview window to the right. This will zip all of the files into a single package and prompt you to download the newly created zip file to your local computer.
  4. If you want to download an individual folder, simply right click on the folder and select "download as .zip".