Getting Started

Creating a New Site

The first step to develop a custom application is to create a Site. Assuming you have admin access to your WebPal Server, you can create a blank application under Web Sites > New.

To create a blank application without a predefined template, select the "BasicSite" template, and enter a new name for the application. 

The new site contains some placeholder content and pages that can easily be replaced. A publish destination is now required while the application is under development.


Granting Access

Only specific users are able to edit a site. You need to add access to the new site even for yourself, the user who just created the site. To do that, select add on the users table and select the users that should be able to access the site.

Note: at this time, there is just one level of access - all or none. We are adding different levels (edit, review, read-only, content-only, etc) in the near future.


You can now switch over to WebPal Sites data? in order to start development and preview the application.