Editing Content

Editing content in WebPal sites follows a typical editing session. This can be described as follows:

  1. Open the sites from the welcome dashboard upon login or from the sites icon in the top left panel. You will now be presented with the document tree outlining all of the content on your website.
  2. Select the root page you would like to edit your content from. This is where you do all of your content editing. Most of your content editing will happen in an "HTML" node.
  3. Insert a new HTML node by right clicking on the chapter and selecting "Insert > html", or clicking on the "Insert > html" button in the action bar. Enter the name and short title as described in the overview.
  4. If an "HTML" node has already been created, simply click on the page you would like to edit. This will open up the text editor as shown below. 

webpal cloud server, cms tool, content management, website editor



Here is an overview of the icons at the top of the WYSIWYG editor: 

  webpal cloud server, content management system, webpal cms, webpal tools, website management system, content editor


​Font Styles: This drop down list has all possible formatting styles predefined for the design.

For example: Heading 1, Heading 2, ... etc.

Insert image: 3 options available. See how to insert images here.

Insert video: Copy and paste URL or embed code from YouTube or Vimeo and set properties as required.

Insert horizontal line: Horizontal line is predefined for website style, mainly used for title and content separation.

Insert Table: Table insertion is very simple and self explanatory. Set table width as necessary to fit the content area or set it 100% to cover the full content width. 

To edit a table that is already inserted,right click on the table > Table Properties
To edit a cell, right click on the table > Cell > Cell Properties

Insert Link: 4 options available

  • External URL
  • Chapter: linking within the website
  • Email
  • Browse: browse to a file within Document Manager

To edit a link that is already inserted,

  • right click on linked text > Edit link
  • or double click on linked text


Save Your Changes

  1. Once you have made changes to your web, save your work by clicking "CTRL S" or the "Apply" button in the preview panel to the right. A red asterix will appear next to the root page and the "Publish" button will become available to you in the main chapter.
  2. Clicking on the apply button will save your work back to the WebPal server. Note that your website has not yet been updated, you have simply saved your work. At this point you can continue editing or move to the next step, previewing your changes.


Preview Your Work

  1. To preview your work, click on the preview panel to the right.
    NOTE: if the right panel is hidden, click the arrow to the right of the action bar to open it.
  2. You will see a preview of your webpage in the preview panel. Select the "Preview" button and choose whether you would like to preview the page in a popup or new tab within your browser. 


Publish Live

  1. If you are satisfied with your changes you can simply select the "Publish" button located in action bar of the root page you are publishing.
  2. A window will pop up asking to verifying that the changes will be published to all selected sites. Select "Publish" and check your live site to confirm the changes.

NOTE: If you have not taken your site live yet, contact us for assistance.