Organizing Pages and Nodes

Most web sites are organized in a tree structure:

All top-level pages are directly accessible from the domain name of your site, for example,, etc etc.

In the example above, home is the first page at the top level, thus WebPal will automatically redirect to this page if the user entered in the browser.

Some terms, based on the example above: 

  • products is a parent page of category A
  • staff is a child, or sub-page, of about
  • widget 1 is a leaf page, it has no children
  • home, products, about, and contact are top-level (level 1) pages
  • category A, B, staff, and board are level 2 pages
  • staff and board are siblings

Ordering Siblings

Quite often, you need to change the order of pages in your tree. To do this, select the parent node of the pages to re-order, then drag the sub-pages to re-order them.

Move a Page

To move a page to a new parent in the tree, you can drag them as well, or right-click to cut, and paste.