Sharing Documents & Folders

Learn how to share your documents with authorized personnel or the general public. This feature is available only to those users with read & write permissions.


How to Share Files:

To start, select the files(s) and/or folder(s) you want to share. There are three ways to share files and folders:

  1. Click the "Share" icon in the action bar. Select either "Share selected documents by email" or "Create shared drive". 
    NOTE: Creating a shared drive will create a new drive within WebPal and will grant access for WebPal users. This folder will appear as a drive in the user's account.
  2. Right click the file(s) or folder(s) you want to share. Select "Share" and click either "via email" or "as a shared drive".
  3. Click the "Share" button in the preview panel on the right. This will automatically open the share via email window.  



On the notification screen you are presented with three options:

1. Permissions

WebPal Cloud Server, document management, share permission settings


Share these documentsthis is the list of documents that you've added. 

Share these folders - this is the list of all folders that you've added. 

Allow users to - set the below preferences for the document(s) or folder(s) you are sharing:

View online
Download as PDF
Download as original
Upload a new version

Expiry - specify a date to which this invitation expires, so that the recipient no longer has access to the file. Leave this option blank if you do not want to set an expiry date.

Folder Permissions - set the below recipient permissions for the document(s) or folder(s) you are sharing:

View and download documents
Update documents
Move or delete documents
Add documents
Create folders
Share documents and folders


2. Users

webpal cloud server, document management users, permission settings


There are three types of recipients to share files with. The first is to choose the group(s) you have been assigned to. The second is to select user(s) from your WebPal server. You can also add guest recipients' who are not currently users of WebPal. Simply enter their email address and select the email once you have entered it. Guest users who have previously had files shared with them will be saved to the recipient list. 


3. Message

WebPal Cloud Server, document management, message system, sharing documents online, web based document sharing


This is the email address that is associated with your WebPal account.

This is the subject line of the email that will be sent to the users being notified.

This is the message that will be included in the body of the email sent to the users being notified.


When you're ready, click the submit button and you're done!


How to Access Shared Files:

  • Once a file is shared, the recipient will receive a new email with access to the file(s). The file(s) will either be linked or attached to the email, depending on whether the "Attach document to email" option has been selected.
  • If the recipient is a WebPal user, they will also have access to any shared file(s) in their "Shared With Me" folder at the top of the folder pane on the left.