Where to Start

WebPal Cloud Server is a pretty complex platform that can be daunting to explore at first login. With this documentation, we want to make first steps in application development as easy as possible. If you have not done so already, we recommend to read the instructions for basic web site editing and document management first. The next step is to get a good understanding of how WebPal site pages are rendered, followed by some more details on XSL transformations. Last not least, become a WebPal master by learning about extending site with custom code. 

WebPal Philosophy

WebPal Cloud Server is a Content Management and web application IDE in one. A devout WebPal developer subscribes to the philosophy that content and code can co-exist in a friendly manner.

In our world (of Pals), content editors, marketing professionals and client staff are able to collaborate on content edits while developers peacefully develop new functionality in an agile fashion.

We believe that developers should have access to advanced version control and can utilize their github accounts to synchronize code between multiple WebPal Servers, while content editors should be able to subscribe to the same mechanisms without having to learn the complexity of git commands to keep their content safe. 

WebPal Cloud Server manages account and content versions behind the scene to provide a safe environment for all involved.