Adding an Extension

WebPal Sites have a simple mechanism to extend their functionality. Extensions nodes can be inserted under the extensions node. Palomino maintains a number of publicly available extensions on github which can easily be integrated into your web application project.


To import an extension into your site, select Import/Export > Import from Repository... from the context menu of the extensions node: 

Cloning from Github

To import (or clone) an extension from github into your site, all you need to supply is the SSH address of the extension's repository. You can copy this address from github using the "Clone with SSH" function:

Paste this address in the Import Node from Repository dialog. For convenience, the SSH key of your user account is supplied in this dialog. For public github repositories, this key is not needed, however it is necessary to access a private repository, such as on your own github account.

Makeup of an Extension

Once imported, the extension is visible as a new extension node. This node includes different components (resources, controllers, stylesheets, routes, and database), which usually do not need to be edited.

Most extensions supply additional nodes, which can be inserted on your site's pages.