WebPal Node Extension Library

WebPal's extensive library of Node Extensions allows users to pick and choose functionality right from the get-go with no custom development required. Reduce development costs and turnaround time with a solid framework in place.

WebPal Core

This extension is needed for all sites and performs the core function of rendering site pages, routing, resource handling and caching. It also supplies a very basic CSS theme that assists in developing a new site from scratch.

Bootstrap Theme

This is a very basic site bootstrap theme, useful for creating a mobile-responsive web site from scratch.

Simple List

This extension is the most simple form of a list. It maintains any number of list items in a simple table format, and displays these as an index page and click-through details pages.

Staff List

A node extension that maintains a table of staff members, and renders these in a beautiful index and linked detail pages.

News List

A news-list is a list of news items where all data is kept in an editable table with layout options

Event Calendar

This extension provides an events node and creates a database table which is used to store events.

Freshbooks Integration

A WebPal extension that provides convenient interface functions to Freshbooks.com

Tagged Newslist

Newslist with ability to manage categories, tags, and filter searches

Data Charts

A node for easy development of data-driven dashboard charts

WebPal User Authentication

Provides login for websites where users are maintained in a WebPal instance

Online Product Store

This extension defines a product-store node which can be used to manage unlimited projects, using nested categories.


List of testimonials kept in an editable table view

Document Folder

Include a tree view into a page that displays the content of a WebPal folder, allowing for dynamic, online document libraries to be easily maintained


A WebPal node extension that creates nice looking Polaroid-style layoutboxes with a Ken Burns effect.

Case Studies

This node creates great-looking case study tiles with Ken Burns effect and click-through to a detailed case study page.

Owl Carousel

This node generates a beautiful image carousel for page banners, and allows users to maintain images and text without coding knowledge.

Flex Slider

WebPal node extension integrating the Flex Slider image slider/carousel

Robots Directives and Sitemap

A WebPal extension providing server details for search engines such as robots.txt and sitemap.xml. Best of all, fully automatic, without any manual editing!

Web API Documentation

This node takes a WADL-compliant Web API description and generates interactive online documentation pages from it. Can't get any easier.

Basic Contact Form

A WebPal Node Extension, implementing a basic contact form with to-email submission.

Twitter Feeds

This extension communicates via Twitter's API to pull latest feeds and display on any page.

Parallax Slide Show

Yet another slide show implementation, but this one rocks!

Powerful SEO Sitemap

A very powerful sitemap implementation that allows to rank pages by priority and thus tailor the sitemap to specific SEO needs.