Product Store

This extension defines a product-store node which can be used to manage unlimited projects, using nested categories. A check-out and search function is available.


  • unlimited nested product categories
  • single list of products, manageable like a spreadsheet
  • each product contains
    • title, description, features
    • images
    • list of SKUs
  • displaying products and categories using by-id routes
  • friendly URLs
  • customizable product search
  • add-to-cart functionality

Friendly URLs

Products can be accessed via

  • /product/{product-id}
  • /category/{category-id}

Search Function

the following routes are defined, which provide a simple, yet very customizable search capability:

This route calls the template product-store-search, which expects the search query to be set in input variable $q

Currently, the template implements a simple, case-insensitive search, matching any substring in the product title, however this template can easily be overridden by defining a template as such:

Shopping Cart Function

The shopping cart allows for adding of any product item to a centralized shopping cart that is displayed to the user after adding an item. Item quantities can be updated in bulk, with invalid entries handled gracefully.

Sample Layout



Note: only positive integers are allowed for quantities.

By default, the store cart can be accessed at:

  • /product-store/cart

The total item count can be rendered within any layout by calling the template product-store-itemcount

All defined shopping cart routes